Seaweed in Winter

The seaweed foraging season is coming to a close. It's been a wonderful year for exploring the shore, walking on beaches, listening to the sounds of the sea, watching nature and sharing the joy of 'slowing down' with so many people. We were unable to share the wonder of our coastline with overseas visitors, or even people from other counties and plan to update this website more often in the next few weeks!

So you'll see more recipes.

Winter is the time to use your stash of dried seaweed. If you didn't manage to get any yourself, we have a wide range of seaweeds for all your cooking needs. Seaweed Blends come in 6 unique flavours to cover all your cooking needs. Just pop a pinch or a spoonful in your soups, stews, casseroles, curries (Soups and Stew Blend) and in your breads, cakes, puddings (Sweets and Baking Blend). The blends are a perfect way to introduce seaweed into food for children or people who haven't tasted it previously - subtle is what it's about. For afficionados, our Dilisk, Carrageen and Sea Spaghetti can be used in whatever way you choose.

Dried seaweed contains all the nutrients of the fresh and there is little or no loss of nutrient during cooking. Some seaweeds continue to grow throughout winter, however, it's not a good time to forage as most species are re-generating during this time. It is a wonderful time to visit and walk on beaches and breathe in that health-giving, iodine-rich, sea air and to watch the sun rise and set over the horizon.

Do keep an eye on weather reports and stay away from the coast during storms.

Read The Sea Garden again - chose a nice recipe to make, and if you've made it already, try your own variation. We love to hear about, and see, tweaks and individual interpretations of the recipes!

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