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  • Soup and Seaweed
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    Adding seaweed to soup is one of the easiest ways to include this super-healthy food in your diet. Brown seaweeds, like iodine-rich Kelps and Bladderwrack will add a savoury, umami flavour and Carrageen helps thicken soup, whilst adding vitamins, protein and minerals. Our Soups and Stews Seaweed Blend is a convenient option, especially in full-bodied soups.Start with 1 tblspn added to a 1.5L pot of soup with the stock and increase according to your taste preference. Or use the seaweed to make a dashi-type stock first. For lighter soups, such as miso, our Salad and Stirfrys Blend, (with [read more]
  • Springtime Seaweed
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    Spring has sprung and the seaweed foraging season has begun. St. Patrick’s Day traditionally marked the start of the season, with sleabhcan, dulaman and even some dilisk providing tasty additions to the winter diet. This year, the sleabhcan is slow to emerge….it, uncharacteristically, grew well into winter last year and is later as a result.The good news is that some young, tender dilisk is growing, pepper dulse, early sea spaghetti and the wracks are kicking off. I have even found carrageen moss. Worryingly, the invasive wireweed (Saragassum muticum) is now present in new [read more]
  • Cure Coughs and Colds with Carrageen
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    Winter is here and I hope you got to dry and store your foraged seaweeds to use throughout the season, until new growth next spring. If not, you can buy most varieties in your local health shop or quality supermarket. Carrageen is one worth having in the store cupboard. Known also by the names Carrageen Moss, Irish Moss, it is often sold bleached to a creamy white. To make a drink to cure coughs, colds, congestion and chest ailments: Put a small handful of dried carrageen into 1.5 litres of water and soak for 10 mins until the carrageen is soft. Bring to the boil. Reduce heat and simmer for [read more]

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