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  • The Sea Gardener on RTE1The Sea Gardener on Radio 1
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  • A Good Year For Seaweed Lovers
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    We’ve said goodbye to 2016 and many, many lovely days on the rocky shore. Benign weather, a long summer and autumn, spectacular moons created ideal conditions for foraging. We explored new stretches of coast in Wexford (incl. Blackhall), Galway (North Beach, Inishbofin) and Cork (incl. Roberts Cove, Oysterhaven), and visited all our favourite places along the Waterford Coast. As has been the case in recent years, some seaweed species were slow to “come in”, but then, lasted well into the year. If you are using the foraging guide on p.22/23 of The Sea Garden, you’ll [read more]

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