Soup and Seaweed

Adding seaweed to soup is one of the easiest ways to include this super-healthy food in your diet. Brown seaweeds, like iodine-rich Kelps and Bladderwrack will add a savoury, umami flavour and Carrageen helps thicken soup, whilst adding vitamins, protein and minerals. Our Soups and Stews Seaweed Blend is a convenient option, especially in full-bodied soups.Start with 1 tblspn added to a 1.5L pot of soup with the stock and increase according to your taste preference.

Or use the seaweed to make a dashi-type stock first.

For lighter soups, such as miso, our Salad and Stirfrys Blend, (with Dilisk, Sea Lettuce and Sleabhcan) is perfect for adding flavour and a wealth of vitamins and minerals. These ‘light’ seaweeds soften on contact with the stock, so can be added towards the end of cooking, or sprinkled on before serving.

Vegetarians find that the seaweed adds a savouriness to the soup, without an overwhelming fishy-ness!

Available online

and at:

Blasta Wholefoods

Supervalu Kilbarry

Quish’s Supervalu, Tramore

Cove Stores

Ardkeen Quality Foodstore

Solas na Mara

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