Springtime Seaweed

Spring has sprung and the seaweed foraging season has begun.

St. Patrick's Day traditionally marked the start of the season, with sleabhcan, dulaman and even some dilisk providing tasty additions to the winter diet.

This year, the sleabhcan is slow to emerge....it, uncharacteristically, grew well into winter last year and is later as a result.The good news is that some young, tender dilisk is growing, pepper dulse, early sea spaghetti and the wracks are kicking off. I have even found carrageen moss.

Worryingly, the invasive wireweed (Saragassum muticum) is now present in new locations. It is edible, but in small quantities. It contains very high levels of magnesium, an essential mineral, but too much is not good. Try a strand or two in your salad or soup.

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