The 1st Day of Seaweed Christmas


On the first day of Christmas..... Sweets and Baking Blend in....Shortbread

Beat  100g Butter with wooden spoon until soft. Mix in 50g caster sugar and then beat in 150g plain white Flour with 1 tsp. Sweets & Baking Blend added until mixture comes together into a ball. Roll out to an even 4 mm thickness, stamp out shapes and place on parchment paper. Chill again for 20 mins. Then bake at 160 deg. C for 25 mins until golden. Sprinkle with caster sugar, cool on a wire tray and store in tin/cookie jar for up to 2 weeks..if they last.

This blend of very finely milled seaweed adds a special taste to shortbread and you won't need any salt.

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