The Sea Garden – a guide to seaweed foraging and cookery


A guide to seaweed foraging and cookery

Recipes, Foraging Tips, Health Benefits, Gardening uses. Excellent identification photos. Concise, clear information. Compact.

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A guide to seaweed foraging and cookery

Marie’s book contains everything you need to know about seaweed foraging and cookery. It has Recipes, Foraging Tips, information on the Health Benefits of seaweed and Gardening uses.

We were delighted to be commended by the late Biddy White Lennon, food writer, for the excellent identification photos.
This book fits in a pocket and will enrich your trips to the shore.

It has both Traditional and Contemporary seaweed recipes, making it suitable for those new to seaweed as well as aficionados of this unique wild food.
There is advice on sustainable foraging and shore safety
The Sea Garden is Concise, Compact. And contains clear information, making seaweed accessible to a wide audience.

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