Seaweed Blends – Single


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Our range of Award-winning blends were developed in our kitchen  for a variety of uses as cookery ingredient.

These jars contain nothing but organic, Irish, milled seaweed.

These are user-friendly Seaweeds, described by Blas na hEireann judges as a “must-have” ingredient for all chefs and home cooks.

They can be used in the same way as dried herbs  – a pinch or a loving spoonful or two!

So whatever you’re cooking, seaweed can become part of it.

Use one of the six options for a convenient, healthy and subtle supplement to your own cooking.

Whether it’s

  • Salads & Stir-fries
  • Smoothies,
  • Soups & Stews
  • Seasoning
  • Setting & Thickening
  • Sweets & Baking

There’s a seaweed blend you can use, and no-one need ever know!

This product was Winner of the Blas Chef’s Choice Award in 2018.

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