Mushroom & Olive Caponata

Our award-winning dip/sauce based on a traditional Sicilian recipe, but with an Irish twist, as it also contains dilisk and sweet kelp, hand-harvested from the clean waters of the Irish coast.

It is a savoury spread with all the goodness of Irish seaweed.

Use it warm over pasta & vegetables, or cold on salad, cheese, crostini or use as a dip with raw vegetables & crackers or as a topping on e.g. grilled fish. It enhances a tapas platter and makes a talking point at social gatherings, when people discover it contains seaweed!

It is low in fat, containing just a smidgin of  organic olive.

Shelf-life is 5 months closed and 5 days once opened.

Contact us directly if you would like to stock this product.


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