Dilisk is eaten as a salty snack, or as a tasty addition to savoury dishes. It has been part of the coastal diet in Ireland for many centuries.

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Have you ever eaten dilisk?

We promise you that our dried organic Irish leaf dilisk will delight dilisk lovers and stimulate the taste buds of everyone else!

Use this seaweed as a Snack, in your salad, as a speciality ingredient in,  for example, bread or savoury dishes. It is best added towards the end of cooking, for example, to stir-fry or risotto.

Dilisk, also known as Dulse, is Ireland’s indigenous health food – it  is a good plant source of protein, iron, Vitamin B12 and zinc. In fact, all the B group vitamins are present.

Traditionally dilisk was gathered in summer time, dried on the rocks and chewed for a few minutes,  simply as a snack.

In Waterford, it is used in buttered blaas (soft bread rolls), ‘the dilisk blaa’.

It is now a special ingredient in vegan / fish / contemporary Irish cooking

All seaweed is Vegan.

This product has a shelf life of up to 2 years.

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